To help launch the Life Force Canada Education Portal, James T. Griffin has donated A Course in Deep Breathing for Parents as a gift for all parents looking to educate their children in a more holistic way. This one hour course will give you the education, desire and tools to implement daily deep breathing in both your life, as well as your children’s lives. Daily deep breathing helps you to slow down your aging, increase your energy, strengthen your immunity, heal/regenerate your body faster and much more. It will help your children to improve their focus, feel more calm, strengthen their immunity, heal/regenerate their body faster and more. In addition to the course, you (and your children) have free access to the library of 16 guided deep breathing audios with different nature background sounds, which can be found in a playlist on my youtube channel that the course is on. Teaching your children daily deep breathing is one of the most valuable pieces of education you can share with your children as it will benefit them for a lifetime.
The link for the course can be found below: