Thursday, January 20, 2022

Every week, we are happy to welcome new attendees.  This week we had two new friends from Lethbridge join us. Thank you to those of you who invite and encourage others to join us.

This week we were very happy to be joined by Terri, a member of Police of Guard and one of the leads in their initiatives, the Mama Bear Project. For the last 8 months Police on Guard has been very busy finding ways to protect the rights and freedoms of their fellow Canadians.  They have accomplished so much in such a short time.  They realized the necessity of getting to work to find ways to protect our children from the government’s massive propaganda campaign that’s been happening for the last ten months that entices and coerces our children into taking their experimental injection – even encouraging them to keep that information from their parents.  Those of us who are awake know how corrupt and truly evil this is.  It was from these massive threats to our children that the Mama Bear Project was born.

The Mama Bear Project has three main objectives:

  1. To gently provide information and education to the approximately 40% of parents who are still on the fence and are questioning what the “right” decision for their child is and the best way to save them from harm. Let’s face it, if we believed what our government and health officials are telling us, we’d practically be running to the injection sites with our children – their campaign is that powerful and convincing;


  1. To find ways to connect parents and educators in order to assist them in stepping away from the public school system and in forming learning pods within their communities; and


  1. To create a network and form of connection for the many children and youths that are suffering from the segregation and discrimination the lock downs and mandates have caused. Loneliness, depression, and other mental health issues are so prevalent among our kids and young adults now.  The Mama Bear Project is networking with other freedom movements around the country and are working together with Take Action Canada to create online social platforms nationwide where kids can meet virtually and socialize and hopefully meet people within their communities.  They are also looking at ways to connect kids in person by organizing fun activities that help to bring people together.  We brainstormed a LOT of ideas around this and really created some excitement about some of the events that are possible.


I encourage you to “like” and subscribe to our YouTube channel and take some time to watch this wonderful and informative discussion with Terri, representative and team leader of Police of Guard and the Mama Bear Project.


You can also find out more information about Police on Guard and the Mama Bear Project through their websites:


Thank you to all who attended.  It is always such a pleasure for me each week to meet the new people joining us for the first time and to see all those that make time each week to come back and take part in our Education Think Tank.  You are all truly blessings to me.


Til’ we meet again,



Norma Jean Maxwell

Life Force Canada

Education Think Tank Facilitator