March 17, 2022

Thank you to all who attended our Think Tank this week.  We were very happy to welcome Kristie, founder of Alberta Educators for Human Rights.

Alberta Educators for Human Rights’ is a not-for-profit organization that was created to provide support, guidance and assistance to both parents and educators wanting to find or start an alternative school model outside of the public school system.

Their vision is to create a supportive network connecting educators, families, and students to evolving education that honours freedom of choice and champions human rights. They work to support teachers and other educational professionals in their careers and to assist families in making education equitable and accessible. They connect students to educational services that uphold human rights and freedoms while keeping in mind their values of: freedom, autonomy, truth, justice, choice, honesty, empathy, hope, integrity, and equality.

They have an affordable membership program that gives you access to many different support services whether you are a parent looking to start homeschooling or to create a learning pod OR you’re an educator striking out on your own. They also recognize that it is often times the financial commitment that prevents parents from starting on a new education journey and so they work to provide bursaries to help families afford to make that transition from the public school system to a private school environment.

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Again, thank you to all those that made the time to join us at our Education Think Tank.  It is through working together – each one of us contributing – that we will accomplish great things in the evolution of education.  I look forward to seeing you all each week.

Til’ we meet again,

Norma Jean Maxwell
Life Force Canada
Education Think Tank Facilitator