Trauma-Sensitive Children’s Yoga Teacher Training (anyone can join)

Katie Connolly
Do you want to learn Somatic practices to empower children and youth with tools to nourish themselves, and confidence in understanding their emotions and  express themselves? Join us in North Van, Port Moody, Kelowna + Toronto for a real experience teaching children yoga! We offer a progressive, trauma-sensitive training with a unique focus. Parents, educators, ECEs, nannies, counsellors, SW + yoga-teachers can join (you don't need your 200h).

Why Is Our Children's Yoga Teacher Training Unique?

We explore tools for you to incorporate and help nurture children from all backgrounds and experiences, on and off the mat. We believe in order to support the child, we need to support the world of the child. Empowering educators and parents is a very important, as we influence our children's nervous system baseline, and how they perceive and interact with the world around them. In our training we explore our patterns and beliefs, so we can lead by example. With over 50 years collective experience, we bring you an empowering, inclusive, age appropriate approach to fostering healthy life skills for children. In our 100+ hour Yoga Alliance Certified Children's Yoga Teacher Training, we explore:
  • Fostering healthy relationships + boundaries (body-autonomy)
  • Our strengths + those of others for strong leadership + community
  • Empowering children to connect with + value their intuition (body-wisdom)
  • Trauma-informed practices + the science behind, so you can truly empower
  • Encouraging self-awareness + healthy age-appropriate tools to process emotions
  • Nurturing resilience through self-care practices, especially for highly sensitive children
  • Deep understanding of nervous system + how this influences social-emotional development
  • Your instructors are highly qualified + are asked on a regular basis to lead trainings for other organizations
  • Your instructors have 50+ years collective experience + are highly trained in leading yoga for youth, mental health + holistic practices
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