Etobicoke Learning Pod Grades 2 to 8 (flexible with grades if it’s a good fit with the group)

Sylvie Ducharme
In person and possibly online alternative holistic school: Grades 1 to 9, preferably grades 2 to 8. Looking for a holistic online school model that respects and nurtures your child's gifts and individuality in an empowering way? Looking for a school for your non-vaxed child? Need learning tools for a new way of being that is focused on compassion, collaboration, individuality, consideration and personal power rather than competition, limitations and order following? I may be able to incorporate older grades. All grades need to be “homeschooled”. If you have grade 7 and up young people, you may want to look into what is needed for homeschooling. They may need to do a test or something to get into high school there are also tests to get into university. Or this may be moot in the future!?? Title: Freedom Life Coaching. For now, it’s totally under the radar, so just a group of friends getting together while I “life coach” the parents… rogue freedom cell style!!! Classes focus on:
  • Self-knowledge and self-regulation
  • Child centered learning
  • Compassionate communication /NVC
  • Collaborative versus competitive human interactions like cooperative games versus competitive games
  • Tools to promote personal power and sovereignty
  • Holistic health
  • Tools to connect with one’s personal power and conscious creation
  • Tools to connect with one’s highest expanded self like dowsing, meditation, walking in the Humber River ravine 2 blocks from my house! Connecting with nature and more
  • Gardening indoors and outdoors. (Wild foraging)
  • Cooking, nutrition, herbal healing
  • Building things
  • Making visual art, music and dance, movement, chi gong etc...
  • Problem solving using win-win techniques, holding circles for communication and sharing
  • Learning how to use Earth Friendly Energy
  • Language (English and French), math and science will be integrated.
The idea is to co-create the curriculum with the students and their parents if they would like to add suggestions, volunteer and participate. Last year I found that the students were easier to motivate with workbooks. I use what works best for everyone. There may be skilled community members who would love to volunteer their time to help Payment is arranged on a case-by-case evaluation. Ideally cash, e-transfer and energy or item exchange or a combination. Currently, most students are using workbooks to cover the curriculum for math, English, science, geography and French for half the day. The other half the day is for breaks in between, recess and outdoor learning and independent interest, self guided learning. So far all of my parents want their kids to have a base in their grade curriculum so they can seamlessly go back to regular school in the future, if necessary. They do a minimum of 7 work-book pages per day. Part of my vision is to have flexible hours and possible long hours available to include “child care” needs. We just won’t be calling it that for legal reasons. This depends on whom I am collaborating with or if some parents want to help as part of an energy exchange. Last year we just had one older student arrive early and leave a bit later due to transportation issues. So, the idea is we will open as early as people need and stay open as long as needed within reason for my own needs. Your child does not have to come on time, nor do they have to show up every day. There will be no anthem singing etc... They may leave early as long as arrangements have been made with the parents for pickup or they may be old enough and have permission to travel alone. Participation is voluntary and based on our agreement as a team with parents and students. They can take breaks when needed. There may be online portions and work at home or field trips with the group or with friends and family. Currently I have a space that can accommodate about 9-10 students depending on age groupings. I am a fully licensed Toronto District Schoolboard teacher in good standing with the college of teachers. I have been teaching for 20 years. I went to an alternative school as a child from grade 4 to grade 7. It saved my life! I have done much progressive pedagogical reading. My favorites are Summerhill by A.S. Neil, Teacher Effectiveness training by Thomas Gordon and De-schooling Society by Ivan Illich. (Oldies and goodies!) I have also read a Magical Child by Joseph Chilton Pearce and more. I have been studying and incorporating Nonviolent communication by Marshall Rosenburg. I have been working on my own personal and spiritual development for years and these books really resonate with me about how best to teach anyone and especially children. I am open to suggestions and collaboration! If you are interested, have any questions, concerns or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me at: 416-568-2360 I am also on Signal and Telegram. At the moment text, phone and email are the fastest ways to get a hold of me. I do check the other platforms fairly regularly but to quite as often. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to pass on this info. I have more information on our schedule that you can request via email. Thank you, Sylvie Ducharme

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