Start Your Learning Pod! – Online Course

Hila Russ-Woodland
Start Your Learning Pod! ~ Online Course ~ Get our Discount Price Now This course will help you overcome challenges as you will learn to teach children the values-driven curriculum they need while still enjoying your life! Yes, you can go from ideas to implementation in a style that works for your life and intelligently leverages a growing community of learners. We are here to help you feel at ease and supported as you discover joy in leading children's education using the New Earth Network learning pod method! FROM VISION TO ACTION ~ LEARNING PODS LEADERS TRAINING PERFECT FOR PARENTS, ADULTS AND EDUCATORS In this course, we’ll cover all the basics. How to structure your Pod, integrating your own values and educational philosophies, building basic business infrastructure and getting ready to promote and launch your first pod group! Thank you 🙂 Michael Fraser and Hila Russ-Woodland.

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