Trauma-Sensitive Social Emotional Learning Tools

Katie Connolly
Get FREE tools on the gloWithin App instantly: Life is busy, especially as a parent! Often our self-care is pretty low on the priority list, but this can wreak havoc on our physical, emotional, and mental health...all of which influences our family. Enjoy bite-sized tools you can incorporate into your day, to nourish your nervous-system and empower those you love (littles too)! As a parent this is absolutely essential from a co-regulation perspective (our children pick up on our emotions, as we do them), so we can be present, and to lead by example. I want to raise healthy, happy, thriving children! Do you? The gloWithin App was created by Katie, Expert Registered Yoga + Children's Yoga Teacher, Craniosacral + Somatoemotional Release Healer. Katie founded gloWithin and a Registered Children's Yoga School. With a nearly life-long practice of yoga, meditation, and somatoemotional (body-emotion) release, Katie recognizes the value in learning these life-skills at a young age and is passionate about sharing them with others. As a Highly Sensitive mom to two little angels (who also are HSP), she gets the balancing act and how essential it is to put our self-care first.  

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