writing and Website Resource Review- STEAM education 

This week’s Homeschooling How To’ is a review of a great homeschooling resource, the STEAM powered family.

Shelley, the creative Canadian mom and chief author of this site has created a wide range of activities related to science, technology (e.g. coding for kids), engineering, arts and math.

I recommend signing up for the weekly newsletters because they are jam packed with easy and useful activity and lesson ideas.

I have used a number of the activities sent out in the weekly emails by this innovative Mom, and I am continually impressed by her ability to make fun and engaging activities out of common ingredients and household supplies.  Also, her article writing and tech skills are commendable. She manages to make engaging articles describing each activity and all the realistic step by step photos of how to do things help bring the activities and experiments to life.


I particularly like her descriptions of the science in each experiment, which adds a lot of solid learning to each activity and helps make it into a full fledged lesson. It wasn’t just my son who was learning while having fun with these activities;  I can honestly say that I have learned a lot from reading her descriptions of the science going on in each experiment!  


It’s not just a ‘fun’ site, but truly educational.

I hope others enjoy and get as much out of this site as I have.



By Marianne Graff