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We support the mission and vision of the Unschooling Canada Association who are all about pro-education and believe that academic learning occurs outside the four “B”s of school systems: buildings, buses, budgets and bottoms-in-seats. School is only one way to acquire an education. There are many others ways to learn and unschooling is a valid method which enhances children’s innate love of learning and never-ending curiosity.

Our aim is to create an eco-system where learning can happen in innovative ways that nourish the minds, bodies, and spirits of our youth across Canada.

 We also provide a place where events, professional development and materials for homeschoolers, parents and educators that meet our requirements can be offered for sale or for free.

All arrangements will be made directly between parents and educators, and vetting of teachers and educators and parents is the sole responsibility of those involved in each agreement.


About Life Force Canada Education

Homeschoolers, Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Alternative Educators and Educational Specialists
We aim to connect:
  • People seeking teaching and learning opportunities that are not restrained by medical restrictions and public health measures.
  • Parents who have withdrawn their children from public and separate school systems for a range of reasons, who want and need help, support and instructional teachers for all of their homeschooling needs.
  • Parents looking for extra tutoring and the support of specialists for their child in particular subject areas.
  • Parents looking for what is commonly considered ‘extra curricular’ activities.
  • Parents of gifted children looking for a suitably challenging and engaging educational path for their children.
  • Parents looking for other parents to partner with to form an educational pod.
  • Homeschoolers looking for teaching support (coaching from teachers, materials and lesson plans, professional development opportunities).
  • Homeschoolers and educators looking to join educational pods or form them.
  • Teachers wanting to teach outside the traditional school curriculum and public school system.
  • Educators (not necessarily with a teaching degree) with expertise and a passion to share their knowledge of non-traditional and holistic subjects.
  • Teachers and educators wanting to connect with other teachers to co-create team teaching opportunities and pods.
  • Educational Specialists and Assistants who wish to offer teaching support and respite to families with children with special needs and learning challenges.
  • People with an interest in working with youth (supervising special learning opportunities or teaching trades) that do not have official ‘teacher training’.
  • Educators and teachers wishing to offer challenging programs for gifted children. 
We encourage ‘non-traditional’ learning opportunities including the following:
  •  Wilderness and self reliance skills
  • Science and technologies that aid the restoration of the planet
  • Business start ups envisioned, developed, funded, launched and operated by youth
  • Nutrition and natural medicine
  • Money and finances
  • Natural law and its application
  • Community development
  • Conflict resolution and communication skills
  • Art specialities
  • Music and composition
  • Identification and development of each child’s learning modalities and extra-sensory abilities
  • Skills that used to be called ‘home-economics’
  • Car mechanics
  • Build a bike
  • Eco-living ideas
  • Gardening and farming skills and projects
  • Nutrition and cooking
  • Herbal and non-pharmaceutical medicine
  • Holistic healing modalities
  • Social and emotional wellness strategies
  • Research and critical reasoning skills

Note: In future, we will have a forum to offer our children and youth the opportunity to join the discussion of what classes they would like to have available.  Just follow our blog for updates!

Life Force Education is an initiative of Life Force Canada.

This idea was sparked by members of the Education Think Tank in September, 2021, after discussions about the recent developments in the public and traditional school systems.

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