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This site acts as a portal to help forward thinking parents, homeschoolers and educators connect with each other and re-imagine our education system by searching posts either ‘seeking’ or ‘offering’ classes, courses, and innovative learning opportunities.
Create SEEKING Post

Parents and Homeschoolers

Below are some examples of what you can post.

Just select ‘seeking’ in your ‘type of post’ section of your post submission.

Parents looking for course curriculum ideas and materials from experienced teachers or other homeschoolers that are appropriate for certain ages/abilities.

Parents looking for teachers to contract with for to teach a child/children specific subjects, or for all your homeschooling needs.

Parents looking for other parents to form educational pods and small class cohorts, and join forces and finances to then seek teachers who are willing to meet your needs and wants.

Parents and groups of parents or educational pod coordinators to help them set up a homeschool and small school environment and hire and manage teachers.

Course content supplementation and exam / assessment creation assistance and student work external review and marking assistance,  for some, or all subject areas you want your child to gain competencies in.

Teaching tips and lesson plans from other homeschoolers.

Teaching skills coaching services – parents can make posts seeking teachers to help coach them in their homeschooling journeys. 

NOTE: Links to existing Facebook groups providing homeschooling support, YouTube channels, websites and companies offering homeschool support can be submitted to be added to our ‘resources’ page or they can place an ad in our Marketplace).

Create OFFERING Post

Teachers and Educators

Below are some examples of what you can post. Just select ‘offering’ in your ‘type of post’ section of your post submission.

The template will assist parents in obtaining enough information to compare your offering to others, and prepare for future negotiations with you.

Please make one post for each unique offering, rather than one post per teacher, since some teachers will want to offer a variety of classes and learning opportunities and methods of teaching.

Teachers and experienced educators without formal teaching training are encouraged to make posts to:

Offer your professional teaching services for individual classes in what are commonly called ‘core’ subject areas

Post ads to find teaching partners or team teach up with other teachers to offer a well- rounded instruction in particular areas or across the board, offering a full slate of classes for particular ages or children with certain proven abilities and competencies in an area

Offer complete courses, classes and projects for gifted children that allow them to work through your course material at their own pace, and supervise them on a mutually agreed upon project or scientific experiment or product design and development or exhibit or performance

Offer classes in specialty areas and to assist parents in teaching children with learning delays or difficulties in particular areas

Offer educational pods – in person instruction for small groups, either in-person or online

Offer non-traditional learning opportunities

Sell your lesson and course materials to homeschooling parents or other teachers in our Marketplace

Provide workshops and tutorials for parents who would like to learn how to teach better