Adventure Learning Pods and Summer Camps

Belinda White
Early~Bird Registration ends May 18th! Welcome to Apple Star Learning. We believe that nature – inner and outer - provides the ‘classroom’, that children thrive with freedom to explore, get dirty, take risks, use their hands and whole bodies and hearts to understand their world. We foster curiosity, cooperation, confidence, and resilience with compassionate, attachment-style care giving and inquiry-based learning. We learn close to the wild, engaging our full selves in active, creative, attentive mentoring. We nurture hands-on learning, embodied play, a deep connection to self, other and the natural world by modelling needs-based communication, risk assessment, and awareness of others, human, and more-than-human. We’re excited to add Tinkering to our new Pod to offer children the chance to make a mess, make sense, make space and make believe using a wide variety of materials and tools. We come with years of experience as caregivers, nature connection, home learning, creative arts, literacy, wilderness facilitators with children and adults of all ages. Let’s chat! We are presently forming a new Friday North van pod for 9-12 year-olds. And open to co-creating learning pods to suite your needs. Summer Field Trip Camp and Weekly Adventure Pods 10-3pm and 9-4pm options Our July dates are set! We'll be running our weekly adventure pods and Summer Camp Field Trip style for 4.5-12 year-olds July 5-29th. August will likely be the first 3 weeks of the month, with two weeks vacation for the last two. Register for July and / or Aug now, 5 % EARLY-BIRD Discount ends May 18th at midnight!!!! Weekly Pods: Register for 4 weeks or more of 10-3pm $55 each 4+ weeks, 1-3 weeks $60 each. Can be used throughout Jul and Aug. Tues Jericho Beach Wed Stanley Park Tinker~Arts Thur Central Park or Kits Beach (Depending on interest) Fri North Van Bridgeman Park or Hayward (tbd) or Field Trip Option + $18 Drop off / Pick Up in East Van 9-4pm. Register for 3 days per week for 6 weeks of Summer and receive an 8 % discount. Or, Field Trip Summer Camp: Register for one or more 4-day weeks July 5-8 July 12-15 July 19-22 July 26-29 Aug dates tbd, likely 1st 3 weeks. We'll take field trips to different locations each day: Tues Jericho Beach Wed Stanley Park Tinker~Arts Thur Central Park or Kits Beach (Depending on interest) Fri North Van Bridgeman Park or Hayward (tbd) $312 (one 4-day week) 9-4pm Drop off / Pick up in East Van, we commute as a group $220 (one 4-day week) 10-3 Parent transport to location Register for multiple weeks of Summer Camp and get a discount! - 5% for 2 4-day weeks - 8% for 3-6 4-day weeks - 10% for 7 4 day weeks $100 non-refundable registration fee to save your child's spot! and 1st 50% installment due by May 30th. Book your spots now, and tell your friends, we need a minimum of 4 children in each pod to run each Summer Camp week / weekly Pod!!! Let me know if you have any questions or would like to register by May 15th to get the 5% EARLY-BIRD discount. -- warmly and wildly, Belinda White

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