Reading, Spelling and Printing support

Norma Jean Maxwell
Changing Learning Changing Lives Are you new to teaching?  Or perhaps the methods you're using aren't creating the little readers and spellers you want? Are you looking for the best and most effective way to teach your children to read, spell and print?  Believe it or not, the English language is over 80% rule based... let me teach you the rules so we can take the mystery out of learning to read and spell. I provide 6 week (weekly) workshops for parents and educator that incorporate the science based Orton Gillingham methodology to provide you with the skills, strategies and materials you need to better support your child’s learning in fun, effective, and engaging ways. Join my subscriber list to not only receive a FREE CLASS but receive $100 off the program. I founded Time To Shine Teaching and Coaching so that I could train parents and educators in navigating the needs of children with learning differences (like dyslexia and ADD) by equipping them with the support, skills, and strategies that will provide the greatest opportunity for their children to succeed. This phonics based approach to teaching reading, spelling and printing was designed specifically to reach those hard to reach learners.  However, my strategies help ALL learners and learning styles, not just those who are struggling. And you can use the methodology taught in this workshop to teach any subject!

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