Tonight’s meeting gave us the opportunity to welcome new attendees: a former educator and Co-Moderator of the Yale, BC council and a member of the Child Family Global Restoration Team, with years of experience in an innovative approach to teaching, and a super mom-preneur from California (formerly of Ontario) who is raising three kid-preneurs – all with successful businesses!  Her 14 year old son has his own very successful business, Kid CEO Media, which includes podcasts and blogs aimed to help other kids create their own entrepreneurial opportunities.  You’ll find it here:

There was a general consensus again at this meeting, that the education system, as a whole, needs to be completely rethought and rebuilt from the ground up and as one of our members very aptly expressed it; “schools are teaching our children WHAT to think but not HOW to think”.  We are very excited at the prospect of developing a system that not only provides kids with the academics they need but also all the life skills (critical thinking, accountability, communication, health, wellness and agriculture etc.) they will need to be well rounded, kind and successful protectors and contributors to our world.

Tammy continued to share her Featured Topic and we learned more about her teacher’s “Toolkit 4 Life” and child’s “Hero’s Handbag”.  We also began to explore how to connect to our spirit animal and create our “Compass Card for Life”, a concept and approach developed by Tammy herself.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to do this activity with Tammy personally and I can tell you, it changed  my life.  I approached our time together both intrigued and open to the process of discovery.  The interesting word in that last sentence to me is….”discovery” as it was definitely an unearthing or excavation of the gem parts of myself that were buried just below my surface awareness.  We think we know ourselves, our strengths and passions, and our purpose but this activity really uncovered SO much more about myself that I hadn’t yet discovered on my own.

Tammy started by doing a short and peaceful meditation to get me into a zone of relaxation and openness and then asked me to answer a series of seemingly rather benign questions: my favourite colour, favourite animal etc. and I was to respond with the first thing that popped into my head.

I thought I knew what my spirit animal was, because I had already chosen it, but this process revealed what my true spirit animal is, because it chose me!  And although I was surprised by my answer, when we delved deeper into the characteristics and attributes of my spirit animal, it became more clear why it had chosen me and how it relates to me, my values, my passions and most importantly, my purpose.  It was SUCH a great activity that shone the light on my genius in ways I hadn’t thought of and deepened my connection to my higher self in the process.  We had several members that had also discovered their Compass Cards for Life and hearing about the process and what that experience meant to them was fascinating and uplifting.  Using this technique with children is so powerful as it allows them to see themselves in ways they couldn’t imagine and gives them the self love and confidence boost they need to really blossom and become leaders and their best selves.

Tammy, together with her team of Hero Intelligence Teachers, is hosting a FREE webinar on December 21, 2021.  You are not going to want to miss this!!

Thank you to all who attended.  I am so grateful for this wonderful Think Tank creative space.   I love that each week I make a great connection with like minded passionate people and meeting and getting to hear our new member’s stories each week are truly blessings to me.

Time to shine,

Norma Jean Maxwell

LFC Education Think Tank Facilitator