March 24, 2022

We had some new faces to the Think Tank this week including a new friend joining us from Montana.  We are always happy to welcome our neighbours from the south.

This week’s meeting was led by James T. Griffin, author of the Amazon best seller, Get Your Black Belt in Proactive Wellness: First Degree.  James is also the facilitator of the LFC Health & Wellness Think Tank and he graciously offered to share his ideas and inspirations about creating unification with private schools, learning pods, and micro schools across Canada with his Proactive-Wellness Education System.

James told us a bit about the 7 Portals that make up his Proactive-Wellness Education System and gave us an overview of how they can be applied and used by teachers, parents, and children, working and learning together.

Portal One: Perception – this quote by Max Planck summarizes Portal One nicely: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” When a person is operating out of the reactive-victim perception, their vibrational frequency is on the low side which can lead to energy blockages and reduced optimal body function.  But, when a person is operating out of the proactive-wellness perception, their vibrational frequency is on the high side with the opposite and more positive effect on the body’s function.

Portal Two: The Placebo Effect 2.0 – this is when someone consciously, deliberately, purposefully, and intentionally communicates with their body’s intelligence at a conscious level of awareness to increase its ability to regenerate itself.

Portal Three: Emotional-Energy – is the knowingness that what we feel on the inside we broadcast into the world around us.  When we know how to work with our Emotional-Energy in a proactive and conscious manner, rather than a reactive and unconscious manner, we are able to release trapped Emotional-Energy from our bodies.  We can be proactive with our Emotional-Energy and cultivate gratitude and happiness on purpose.

Portal Four: Bio-Energy – providing the education, evidence, and tools as to how to work with the many forms of energy flowing within the body in a proactive and conscious manner.

Portal Five: Relational-Energy – provides information on improving the relationship with Self, giving and receiving energy, the selfish/selfless balance, acts of kindness, and feminine and masculine energies.  Every relationship is to a varying degree, a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves.

Portal Six: Environmental-Energy – provides you with the education, evidence, and tools to learn how to protect yourself from poor indoor air quality (from cleaning chemicals, fragrances and electro smog produced by WIFI, cellular signals, 5G, etc.) which can contribute to various energy blockages in the body

Portal Seven: Nutrition and Detoxification – provides you with the education, evidence, and tools to help you work with nutrition and detoxification in a proactive and conscious manner, resulting in the increased flowing of energy in the body, better regeneration, and functionality.

If you’d like to hear in more detail about this fascinating education model and how we can all, children, educators, and parents, learn and grow together, listen in to this week’s video recording.

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Again, thank you to all those that made the time to join us at our Education Think Tank.  It is through working together – each one of us contributing – that we will accomplish great things in the evolution of education.  I look forward to seeing you all each week.

Til’ we meet again,

Norma Jean Maxwell
Life Force Canada
Education Think Tank Facilitator