February 24, 2022

Thank you to both the new and familiar faces that joined us this week.  We are always happy to have lots of voices to add to our conversation.   It is only through coming together that we can make positive change happen!

If you were tasked with the challenge of inspiring children to learn and teaching them the tools to be successful, where would you start? A great question right?  Where would we, should we start?

Simon Wolfsen strives to answer this question.  Simon is the founder and principal of The Evergreen Leadership Academy in Vaughn, Ontario, an amazing and innovative school with a different approach to education than what we are used to seeing in the public school system.

Without committing to any single education model and focusing on a holistic approach that emphasizes a growth mindset, the Evergreen Leadership Academy, has borrowed valuable components from proven systems, such as Montessori, Reggio, Project Based, Finland’s system of education, as well as other innovative systems.   They are shifting the education paradigm towards self-directed learning with a greater emphasis on divergent thinking, and a more collaborative approach to curriculum development that offers greater engagement and meaning to the students it serves.

They look to inspire their students to learn by offering them meaningful experiences, which honours their talents and their time. While they are maintaining the academic curriculum, they do strive to teach it through a more relatable manner with fun and engaging activities that provide opportunities for the students to explore where their passions lie.  There are a host of activities, projects and games designed to promote cooperation and teamwork and kids are encouraged to use their analytical skills and critical thinking to problem solve.  Through this model they hope to find ways of making children feel invested and in control of their learning, encouraging them to spend their time in pursuit of achievement and success.

At The Evergreen Leadership Academy, they are “nurturing inner peace and outer potential and helping children to discover their way and their why”.

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Certainly, it is through working together – each of us contributing – that we will accomplish great things in the evolution of our education model.  Thank you to all those that made the time to join us at our Education Think Tank this week.  You are all truly blessings to me.

Til’ we meet again,

Norma Jean Maxwell
Life Force Canada
Education Think Tank Facilitator