December 9, 2021

Tonight’s meeting was supercharged right from the beginning with a serious discussion about the
current aggressive propaganda campaign aimed at our children. From: become a “super hero” and
do your part to save the world to “Look, Elmo took the shot”. The government and it’s accomplices
will stop at nothing to coerce our youngsters and their parents into injecting this experimental drug
into their bodies. Even our Prime Minister has given a coercive speech that can’t be described in any
way other than creepy, telling little ones not to worry, they too can get the shot when they turn five.
The pervasive evilness runs deep and is now targeting our most vulnerable.
We also noted that they have been warning us and foretelling the emergence of the new variant,
Omicron for decades. Omicron has been a repeated evil character and arch enemy of Batman and
Superman, in the Marvel comics for years. In 1996, it was also a video game and movie (spelled
Omikron) narrated by none other than David Bowie. But, when I dug a bit, I discovered that’s not the
only video game that should raise alarm bells. In fact, there have been many that closely mirror the
world’s current state and feature viruses, outbreaks and deadly diseases. Among them:
Plague Inc. where the player creates and evolves a pathogen in an effort to annihilate the human
population with a deadly pandemic. It was released in May 2012 but in February 2019, the developer
announced that they would add an in-game scenario about vaccine hesitancy to the game. And in
March 2020, the studio announced that they would add a "cure mode" about stopping the plague
outbreak due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic;
Resident Evil 2, a story about a genetically engineered virus that turns ordinary people into flesh-
eating zombies or powerful mutants;
Deus Ex, the world is ravaged by a deadly pandemic plague known as “Gray Death”. There is a cure
but it’s in critically short supply and only made available to the elite; and
The Division 2, set in Washington DC in the aftermath of a pandemic caused by the release of a
genetically engineered strain of smallpox, specifically designed to be as lethal as possible. The city
becomes a dangerous battlefield controlled by warring militia factions.
All of these more in a long list of coincidences? We don’t think so. We are witnessing programming
and mind control. The bigger question is how long it will take before people are willing to recognize
the truth that lies within and what “they” have been telling us all along. And this conversation
happened before we even started the think tank!! Yes, it was a lively one.
Our meeting gave us the opportunity to again welcome many new attendees: a teacher from
Winnipeg just recently forced into retirement from the public school system who no longer wants to
fight the system but rather to help create a new and wonderful one, a homeschooler and member of
the education committee for Ontario who is looking forward to creating an education system based on
natural law, a homeschooler from Saskatchewan who has been sovereign for nine years and is an
expert in Natural law who is interested in providing some courses in Natural Law for our education
portal, a retired ECE teacher from Winnipeg who worked with children with special needs, another

special education assistant and librarian teacher from Southern Alberta working in a Mennonite
school who is hoping that things evolve in her school setting in such a way that she is able to keep
her job, and a mom from BC with children with special needs who is now homeschooling because
she found that her children weren’t getting the support and education they deserved in the public
school system.
We did a quick update and overview of the Education Portal. As we’ve had several people inquire
about the offerings of courses for adults, we’ve added that to the search options. We realize that
there will be some “unlearning” necessary for the adults and parents and that everyone can benefit
from personal development and a more holistic support system. James Griffin of Proactive Wellness
Education System advised us that he will be making a free offering to the portal of a series of deep
breathing audios to help people strengthen their lungs over time but also to practice meditation. He
will be offering a one-hour course to parents to show them ways to incorporate deep breathing into
their lives but also how to use it with their children to increase their abilities to work in calmness and
assimilate information more effectively. We again invited people to volunteer for one or more of the
opportunities available, including portal maintenance and submitting articles for content in the
News/Blog section. Our scheduled topics are:
 Monday: Norma Jean does a summary of the Think Tank meeting from the previous week
and news from Life Force Canada and Life Force Global relevant to education;
 Tuesday: Homeschooling Tips and How-to’s by and for homeschoolers;
 Wednesday: spotlight on innovative educators and their programs;
 Thursday: “bigger picture” views in the trends of alternative education happening around
the world; and
 Friday: we will share trends we’ve found happening on the portal.

If you would like to contribute an article on one of the topics listed above, or suggest an idea for an article. please contact Marianne,  at or via the contact form on this site.

or myself, if you are interested in contributing to the Blog!
Just a reminder that Star Hero Academy is hosting a free webinar on December 21, 2021 where each
Hero Intelligence teacher will each share a nugget from their own Compass Cards, one of their
special talents and how they apply it both to their teaching practice but also to life in general. The
Compass Card is an amazing and valuable technique developed by Hero Intelligence teacher,
Tammy Vallieres.


You are not going to want to miss this!!

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Thank you to all who attended. It is always such a pleasure for me each week to meet the new
people joining us for the first time and to see all those that make time each week to come back and
take part in our Think Tank. You are all truly blessings to me.


Til’ we meet again,

Norma Jean Maxwell
LFC Education Think Tank Facilitator