One of the initiatives within Life Force Canada’s Nine Pillars is the envisioning and creation of an education system that empowers the minds of our next generations. We are a group of proactive educators and parents cocreating our educational future that incorporates not only the core academic criteria, but training outside the mainstream academia.  We encourage conscious-based, holistic courses and workshops for parents and children alike on subjects such as: how to feel and move through difficult emotions, asking effective questions and critical thinking, how to empower themselves and solve problems, natural law, communication, restorative conflict resolution, agriculture and holistic healing, just to name a few.

Whether you are a parent looking to make connections with other parents and/or find educational support through trained educators OR you are an educator looking to make offerings and connections to parents and other educators in need, our portal is here to assist you. We created this portal to provide a platform to connect like-minded parents and educators for the betterment of our children and their education.  And, it’s free to search or create posts on our portal.

The News Blog is a place for us to share our ideas, experiences and hopes for our future education system with each other.  We’ve organized it by days of the week, as follows:

Mondays: News and updates from the Education Think Tank meetings and committee work of Life Force Canada.

Tuesdays: Homeschooling and Learning Pods “How To” tips from homeschoolers and about homeschooling.

Wednesdays: Stories by and about innovative educators and specialists and the alternative education programs and initiatives that they are involved with in Canada and around the world.

Thursdays: Articles exploring alternative education from Canada and around the world, including trends and new ideas in education, as well as educational models, philosophies and forward-thinking ways to educate our youth.

Fridays:  News and updates about this portal, including calls for articles and volunteers, and stats and reports on the feedback we have received about this portal.

We’d love to hear from you!  If you have an idea for an article you would like to submit, please email: